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Events Overview

World Sustainable Energy Days - February 2013

The World Sustainable Energy Days are one of the largest annual conferences in this field in Europe. The event is a combination of several different conferences around the topic sustainable energies. More than 800 participants from 61 countries visited the conference from 27th February till 1st March 2013.
Marius Wöhler, junior researcher of Bioenergy 2020+ presented results of the Work Package 2 at the WSEDnext biomass session. In the presentation with the title “Performance of a catalyst in a test stand under conditions similar to a stove” the BioCat laboratory test reactor which was developed for the characterization of the catalytic material was presented. Further the conversion rates of relevant emissions as a function of temperature and influence factors such as flue gas water content, gas velocity and oxygen availability were shown.

IEA Bioenergy Conference 2012 - November 2012

The IEA Bioenergy Conference 2012 was organized by the International Energy Agency and was held in Vienna from 13 till 15 November. Christoph Schmidl, the scientific manager and head of the combustion department of Bioenergy 2020+ presented the BioCat project.

20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition - June 2012

The 20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition took place in Milano from 18 till 22 June 2012. Bioenergy 2020+ presented the BioCat project at the poster session of the conference. In addition project staff answered questions and discussed the aims of the project with conference participants.

Lange Nacht der Forschung – April 2012

The RTD partner Bioenergy 2020+ participated in the Austria-wide science event “Lange Nacht der Forschung”. At this event scientific research bodies opened their facilities to the public and present current research and development projects in whole Austria.
Bioenergy 2020+ informed visitors about the BioCat project idea and the expected results. Therefore a poster in local language was prepared and project staff answered upcoming questions. Additional project information was disseminated during the guided technical lab tour. There the installed characterisation laboratory reactor which was developed in work package 2 was presented.
In total over 200 visitors were counted at the Bioenergy 2020+ location during the science event.