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Work Packages

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The overall strategy of the project is the integration of a new catalyst technology in small-scale biomass combustion systems and therefore demonstrate that the combination of biomass combustion and innovate catalyst technology is an efficient and economic solution for emission control.
A robust programme of work structured across 6 interlinking Work Packages has been developed to ensure that BioCAT achieves this ambitious project targets.

The image above illustrates the interplay between the Work Packages and a summary of each is provided below.

WP 1 Project management
The general objective of work package 1 is to guarantee the correct execution of the project work plan and to supervise and coordinate the overall daily management of the project aiming at optimising communication, organisation and work flow of the project. Additionally reporting tasks to the EC and the IPR management will be conducted in this work package.

WP 2 Performance analysis of catalytic system
In work package 2 the performance of the catalytic system will be analysed systematically with respect to different influencing factors. Consequently the results of the characterisation will be used for further development and optimisation of the catalytic material and as basis for the integration of the catalyst system in the biomass combustion appliances in work package 4.

WP 3 Development of evaluation methods
Development of methods for testing of catalysts in combination with biomass heated residential furnaces. The effect of the catalyst on gaseous and / or particulate emissions has to be detected.
Two methods: one for the catalyst systems itself and one for the BioCAT systems will be developed.

WP 4 Integration of catalytic system into combustion appliances
In this central work package of the project the catalytic technology is combined with logwood combustion technology. The research and development regards the single components as well as the overall system. Therefore the optimum integration solution has to be developed for each appliance individually. At the end of work package 4 the developed prototypes of catalytic combustion appliances should be defining a new-state-of-the-art of manually fired room heating appliances.

WP 5 Evaluation and Demonstration
This work package focus on the evaluation of the developed catalyst wood stove appliances. The efficiency of the catalyst system as well as of the overall BioCAT systems is evaluated on the basis of the in work package 3 developed methods. Moreover, the new technology will be demonstrated by type testing according to the respective European standards, in a field testing campaign and by designing and constructing of a BioCAT “demonstrator”. Additionally booklets summarising the performance of BioCAT appliances will be designed to support dissemination activities in work package 6.

WP 6 Dissemination & Exploitation
In this work package the project outcomes are  disseminated among the specialised and broad public as well as public authorities/bodies. A project specific webpage will be set up for internal communication purposes (serving the tasks in work package 1) and for dissemination activities. Furthermore the exploitation of results will be planned and coordinated in this work package.